Molecular combustion2

Piper's First Act Of Molecular Combustion

Molecular Combustion, also called blowing up or blasting, is the ability to speed up molecules up until the point that they explode. This is an extremely dangerous offensive power, and this is an advancement of Piper Halliwell's Warren Power, Molecular Immobilization.

This power was gained shortly after Prue's death, and as it was a powerful magical power, this was getting her ready to take Prue's place in
The Power Of Three, as the oldst and the most powerful. This was a huge responsibility for Piper, and it took alot of time to get used to it.
This was the companion of the ability to freeze time.

Piper's trigger for Molecular Combustion, unlike Molecular Immobilization, was anger, just like Prue's trigger for Telekinesis.

Piper channels this power through her hands, just like Molecular Combustion, but she couldn't control it very well, and the first time she ever used it, was when she was planning a holiday, but Leo needed a passport, so when she got fustrated and angry at the passport office, she blew up the clock. She was very worried and she left the passport office without another word.

It is easier to be able to access this power, as it could be tied more to her emotions, and as she wished she had a normal life, she gets more angry than scared, and she can use this power better than her other power.

Magical Strength Edit

After Prue's death, her power was growing very quickly, but it was an extremely strong power, and was able to blow up most of the demon's she came across after prue's death.

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